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1998 – 2010 Educational Service  Center of Lorain County Technology Coordinator for Clearview  school district. Network Administrator, maintaining LAN and WAN networks  consisting of over 800 Macs and PCs. Mac OS X, Linux, Windows 7/Vista/ XP  operating systems. Software/Hardware installs,maintenance, and upgrades.  Designed and implemented school audio/video labs. Responsible for VOIP phone  system, HVAC, Smartboard/Mimeo systems, ESIS, IVDL teleconferencing, Lunchbox  system, all network printers and copiers. Also have  performed training for teachers and students.

1995 – 1998 CommTech  Corporation, Lorain, Ohio     Senior Vice President of  CommTech. Develop curriculums and train instructors for Internet, Desktop  Publishing, Computer Basics, Windows, Microsoft Office, and Computer Repair. Design  and maintenance of all Internet Websites for corporate and personal clients.

1990 – Present M.U.S.I.C.,  Lorain, Ohio     President / Founder of this  nonprofit. Develop curriculums and train instructors for Internet,     Desktop Publishing, Computer Basics,  Computer Music, and Website Design community workshops. Duties also include  grant writing, public relations, and marketing.     Supporters:     Nordson  Corporation Foundation     Community Foundation     Nord Family Foundation   Betterway Foundation

Business References:     I have provided  technology-related training or services for the following nonprofits and  businesses in Lorain County:     CenturyTel     Neighborhood House Association     Lorain Metropolitan Housing  Authority     Salvation Army     Outreach Ministries     YWCA of Lorain

Other:     Associate Editor—Atari ST  magazine (computer music /  product  reviews)     Associate Editor—ST World  magazine (computer music  / product  reviews)   Associate Editor—Atari Advantage  magazine (computer music  / product  reviews)

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